Vikram’s Way: Grilled Cheese

A simple and beloved comfort dish, the humble grilled cheese is best made with quality ingredients.  Chef Vikram gives you a glimpse into his favorite way to prepare one of the world’s favorite foods. 

Sourdough bread 
Cow’s milk cheese.  Chef’s favorite:  Comte available at Costco or Wholefoods
Butter or Olive Oil
Maui Onion Jam (available by calling Tbd… at 808-791-5164)

  • Spread butter on two slices of sourdough bread
  • Cut off rind of cheese, slice and place on bread. Amount of cheese depends on your individual taste.  
  • Spread layer of Maui Onion Jam on top of cheese.
  • Place in warm cast iron skillet over medium low heat.
  • Flip after you are able to easily slide the sandwich around on the pan
  • Grill other side
  • Chef’s tip: tap on the grilled bread and you should hear a nice crisp sound to the bread.  That is “the key” to knowing you have grilled the bread for the right amount.
  • After you are able to slide the bread easily, remove from the pan.
  • Cut and serve with your favorite accompaniment. Chef’s favorite is a grain mustard spread on top of the bread.
  • Bon Appetite!

Additional options for extra flavor instead of Maui Onion Jam include sliced green apples, sliced pear, raisins.

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